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About SmileCRM

The team at SmileCRM is a tight knit bunch of technical and business consultants led by Peter Bannister

It has its roots in some pro bono work our parent company did around 7 years ago for a local telemarketing company, where we did a proto-type call screen. From this simple beginning we evolved the product to have email, compliance, reporting and more based on the feedback we have had from clients.

Listening to clients is at the heart of our product evolution strategy, after all who knows your business better?


Peter Bannister - Chief Tea Organiser / Milk Drinker

Hi! I am the owner of SmileCRM, a product which I think is the best solution out there if you are looking to do any form of telemarketing. But dont take my word for it, take a look at the testimonial page!

My background spans both the business and technology areas where I have helped many organisations leverage technology to improve their business processes.

I decided to evolve SmileCRM as the usual CRM products on the market didnt address most of the requirements for companies or departments that undertake telemarketing activities.