Inspired B2B Marketing: Owner

I am not one to give out testimonials lightly but I am more than happy to recommend the team at SmileCRM.

I have used SmileCRM since I started Inspired and over the years it has become not only an essential part of our business but a highly valuable asset to our clients.

The fact that they not only listened to our requirements as a business, but implemented key changes to the system that we needed proves that I made the right choice as a CRM partner.


R & D Tax Services: Business development manager

R & D Tax Services have recently engaged with SmileCRM Telemarketing Software as our chosen CRM partner. This phenomenal tool has been instrumental in our continued success both at new client acquisition and continued delivery of customer service.

Having used numerous CRM's across the last 15 years, from custom developed tools to the likes of Hubspot, Zoho and Salesforce I can honestly say this is one, if not, the best CRM system I have ever used.

If you or your business is performing any outbound/inbound function via telephone or email I would recommend your speak with Peter Bannister and SmileCRM Telemarketing Software about utilising this incredible system.


Driven Consultants Group Ltd: Director

I have used many different CRM systems for telemarketing in the past and have found a number of them very time consuming and long winded when moving onto the next call.

I come across SmileCRM Telemarketing Software in July 21, they offered us a free trial and helped us too set the system up to fit the way we work. The team have been great help with initial set up, data uploading and team training.

I would strongly recommend SmileCRM Telemarketing Software to any telemarketing company looking for a more efficient CRM System.


Kerdos International: Client delivery manager

We have been using SmileCRM since the start of 2021 and its been an easy transition due to it being simple and straightforward to use!


Buy Appointment Ltd: Director

I have ran tele-marketing businesses for over 20 years and have experienced a variety of CRM solutions during that time.
In Nov 2020 I was approached by SmileCRM who offered a free trial for their product.
I was extremely reluctant having dealt with companies like Five CRM & Hubspot who were just not fit for purpose for my business and had so many hidden fees, but ultimately I needed a solution.

I went ahead with the trial and never looked back.

I have been extremely surprised with the functionality of the system. It really does do what it says on the tin.
The campaign management is very simple and the supporting documents are very clear, coupled with the fact that the team are always very quick to respond to queries, and agile in their approach when it comes to system changes to suit my business.

If anyone is looking for an affordable tele-marketing CRM solution I would highly recommend SmileCRM. Well done Smile!


Paragon Sales Solutions: Owner

I am constantly looking at ways in which we can improve our services and ways to improve our customer experience. That's why I am so thrilled to have taken up SmileCRM.

During our telemarketing campaigns, we want to ensure that we are streamlining our processes to ensure solid results, but we also want to be transparent with our clients so they know exactly how a campaign is going.

With SmileCRM, we are able to do all of this. Not only is it easier to dial through, we are able to send leads direct to our client's email box in real time, we can easily reschedule calls, and we can also send out daily/weekly/monthly reports.


Techs4Tech: Director

So we have had a busy few weeks here at Techs4Tech. We have been installing a new CRM system for an outbound Telesales company.

I never knew how crazy it would be to find the right solution. We have certainly had our ups and downs. However with the help from SmileCRM we have got there, the team there are absolutely amazing.

Listened to everything that we had to say and got the things we needed right.

So this is a big shout out to SmileCRM and a thank you to them for helping us get up and running in such a short space of time.


WNW Digital: Director

After trialing a number of CRM packages for a telemarketing start up, we stumbled upon SmileCRM.

The Team was always helpful, friendly & keen to explain how the software could support our business.

If you are looking for a CRM system to support your cold calling or warm client contact, SmileCRM is the place to stop your search.


Vital reflection: Director

Big shout out to SmileCRM. Another successful install and support along the way. You guys are amazing.

Whenever we need something, an email or phone call and it is fixed.