Fear, loathing and transparency

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Fear, loathing and transparency

When I speak to people who are looking to market their products, telemarketing usually gets a sharp intake of breath quickly followed by mutterings about "no clue what they are paying for". Yet telemarking can yield phenomenal results so why is there such loathing of telemarketing?

Part of the problems people have with telemarketing stems from the call at 8pm where there is just silence at the end of the line until an operator is assigned to the call. But telemarketing for the B2B market is vastly different, by enlarge, run by very professional companies with some really talented people. So why are companies afraid of using a telemarketing company?

Trusting your brand to another company is quite a step for some and the trust needs to be built from first point of contact right the way through to campaign delivery. Things like a "tatty" lead report or poor communication about progress can really damage the trust. By far in a way the biggest issue I have heard is that people dont know how their money is being spent. So how can this lack of transparency be fixed?

Manual reports are time consuming to build each week, let alone each day. What about if the client wants to have up to date statistics or even leads sent to the salesman responsible as soon as the call is completed?

This is where SmileCRM comes in, the only software built from the ground up for telemarketing companies.

Built into the software is the facility to automatically send branded lead documents directly to the client or your staff for additional qualification. Coupled with automatic weekly reports, this goes a long way towards keeping the client informed.

However, SmileCRM goes even further by allowing you to configure access for your customers so that they can see leads and campaign statistics giving your clients full transparency!

Here is a taste of what SmileCRM can offer: