Telemarketers hate C/TPS !

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Telemarketers hate C/TPS !

Maybe that is slightly exaggerated, but given the news from the ICO about companies getting fined surely they must hate it - but why ?

Well to put it bluntly its a chore and so has the perception of adding little or no value to the process. Afterall getting leads and talking conversion rates with clients has far more sex and sizzle!

So its one of those tasks that every company doesnt like to do, but needs too. So the question remains why is it so far down the priority list given the intrinsic problems its likely to cause ?

Well, it seems that most companies have a labour intensive process to extract, send to a C/TPS checking company and then update the results into what ever CRM system they are using to manage the calling. If you are only dealing with one set of data, this is manageable. However, when you are running multiple campaigns for several clients all starting at different times, this becomes far more problematic to mange without some technology in place.

This is where our telemarketing software, SmileCRM, is unique as we have C/TPS checking built into the product to remove a lot of the administrative burden.

We can check numbers against the C/TPS register:
  • On data upload
  • Every 28 days
  • Allow operators to manually check

Beyond this we capture "do not call" details and can automatically exclude these records from any subsequent campaign as well as highlighting to the operator which numbers are "OK", "Not checked" or "On the register"


This is only one of our unique selling points, so to find out more information please visit our website or call on 01908-592534 for an informal chat