Marketing Department


Targeted Data

Calling the right companies and people is vital to ensuring your marketing message is heard. In SmileCRM you can search both standard data and any industry specific details you may capture, to get the right audience profile for the campaign.

More than that you can score each company/contact record to better decide which are the "low hanging fruit" and so get a better conversion rate.


Linking to Existing Systems

Most marketing departments already have an existing CRM system such as Zoho, Dynamics or even SalesForce, but these systems are not designed for Telemarketing. SmileCRM can send any opportunities generated into your existing system, but also send an email with a branded PDF to the assigned sales person or even send a short link via SMS.

Of course socials campaigns are gaining traction in the B2B arena, so we can link the results of a campaign on LinedIn or Facebook into SmileCRM.


Performance and More

While number of opportunities generated is always a good metric, there are many others to determine if the data was well targeted, the pitch is good and how well operators are performing. SmileCRM not only has all these key metrics built in, but allows you to automate a lot of the campaign reporting.

If you use agency staff, SmileCRM only allows them to see the data you allow them to see, but you can see all their activities including time spent on a call. This allows you to choose the depth of monitoring that suits your needs.