The death of robot diallers ?

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The death of robot diallers ?

As the information age took hold, automatic calling of numbers saved people manually dialling hundreds of numbers each day.

For the b2c market this also had the added advantage that if people were not home then operators could be fed only "live" calls.

For the b2b market the advantage of this type of dialler is eroded as people usually answer the phone!

With the advent of VOIP solutions incorporating click to dial, this original advantage is eroded even further.

So what now for people who want to make lots of calls?

In the B2C market dialler or their more modern equivalent, they still have a place.

In the B2b market their position is less secure as they can easily be replaced with a VOIP click to dial solution.

While VOIP is a great day to day, tool it suffers from issues of list management, scheduling, outcome management and reporting. 

Some providers are now starting to allow upload of a list in a contact format for calling, but this is a far cry from an actual system that manages these areas.

This is where SmileCRM comes into play ! 

We don't have a dialling solution, but we do have software that:

  • "serves up" records to the operators based on the call-back schedule
  • wraps the operator with information about the product they are selling
  • gives single click access to email, website, social, google, companies house and maps
  • this can be done in the form of guidance or formal scripts

 Supporting this we have:

  • list management
  • campaigns that match your service offerings (leads, appointments, surveys and more)
  • management information including occupancy, penetration, reach, conversion rates
  • branded lead/appointment reports along with custom templates
  • And so much more..