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Optional charges

Why Choose Managed?

Staff churn means that your expert on the setup has gone or moved to another area of your business. More than that, in the current market you need everyone dealing with the things they do best - selling! Our managed service offering allows you to hand over the setup of customers/campaigns and the general admin to us.

Managed serivce

What Does it Cover?

Our managed offering covers both the one off setup needed for customers and campaigns, plus the ongoing management of additional data, user management and other pure admin tasks. These additional charges scale with your use and staff demands, following our unique consumption based pricing model.

Example: 3 users log into the system Monday=>Friday, with 2 new customers/campaigns and one new user created for a customer.

  • Usage charge: 3 users, 5 days = 3*5*1.2 = 18GBP*
  • Campaign setup charge: 2 campaigns, basic setup = 2*25=50GBP*
  • Operations charge: 3 distinct users logged in, low usage band 0-5 users = 5GBP*
  • Total charge: 18 (standard usage) + 50 (2 campaigns) + 5 (operational charge) = 73GBP*
  • * VAT exclusive price

    Optional charges

    Pricing Matrix





  • Customer
  • Contacts
  • Brand
  • Upload list
  • Campaign
  • Report
  • As Basic, plus:
  • Profile creation
  • Lead scoring
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Linked campaigns
  • Email template
  • Report template
  • 25GBP each

    50GBP each

    from 50GBP each

    Base management charge on top of core.
    Banded based on number of weekly users 0-5=5GBP, 6-10=10GBP
    User creation, additional list upload, ad-hoc changes.


    No login no charge
    Customer logins free

    1.2GBP per day