Remove Chrome prompt for VOIP

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Remove Chrome prompt for VOIP


If you use "click-to-dial" using a softphone you will probably have seen that Chome continually prompts to confirm you are OK to use your VOIP solution of choice.

This reduces the efficiency of all people who use "click-to-dial" in their day to day work.

The key to this issue is that Chrome has hidden the flag that allows you to "always allow" the VOIP solution to be invoked from the browser. Hence this will show you how to enable it and so allow you to confirm that it is always OK to invoke your VOIP solution.

This is a little technical, so if you are not confident you should ask someone in IT to help.

UPDATE AUGUST 2021: from Chrome version 92 the flags mentioned in this article have been removed.  As an alternative you should try and use a different protocol CALLTO rather than TEL which should allow the check box to show.

Step 1 - Stop Desktop intercepting the "click"

Part of the problem is that Chrome is trying to be too helpful by showing you the available telephony/VOIP solutions you have installed. However "click-to-dial" is usually done through another route (tel protocol to be precise) so we need to turn this off.

On Chrome navigate to the flags settings by typing in chrome://flags/

Subset using "click" as shown and disable this flag.

google settings

Step 2 - enable "always allow" to be shown on the prompt

This is very techy as you need to use RegEdit to create/change an entry


Open Regedit and navigate to the following area: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome (1 in the image below)

If the Dword of ExternalProtocolDialogShowAlwaysOpenCheckbox doesn't exist, create it and assign a value of "1" (2 in the image below)

Once you have done this, restart your browser, and next time you use "click-to-dial" you will be prompted to "always use". Accepting this means that you will get rid of that annoying prompt.

Happy Dialling!