Telemarketing Company


Gaining Trust

Key to getting and retaining clients is gaining their trust. It's not just about having the "gift of the gab", although that helps, you have to do things that make them trust you with their brand. In SmileCRM we can send leads automatically, send a text to their mobile, allow your client to log into the system and see what calls have been made and even automatically send reports to them.

Rather than an opaque process, clarity on what you are undertaking on their behalf garners trust.


Providing Quality

Handing over hundreds of opportunities sounds great, but when 95% of them turn out to be poorly qualified any trust built up by being transparent is eroded. Within SmileCRM, quality control is a key feature of the software and within this area you can specify mandatory fields and review any opportunity before being handed over to the client.

Beyond this, you can specify questions that need to be answered or even score the opportunity based on your clients definition, all of which ensure that any opportunity you hand over is properly qualified and the best quality.


Ability to Scale

While you may have a core number of staff, invariably you will get peaks and troughs on your staffing demand. At SmileCRM we do not lock you into a fix term contract, but allow your usage to be charged on a day by day basis, giving you significant cost savings over the traditional charging methods.

But it's not just about the price, our software is very easy to use with some of our clients reporting 20 minutes for operators to be up and running with the software!